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ASA Applauds JOBS Act 4.0 Capital Formation Legislation

WASHINGTON – The American Securities Association (ASA) today applauded U.S. Senate Banking Committee Republicans for rolling out the JOBS Act 4.0 discussion draft legislation to accelerate economic growth and jumpstart small business capital formation.

“ASA applauds Senate Banking Committee Republicans for their leadership to promote small business capital formation and create more opportunity for American retail investors to share in our country’s economic success,” ASA CEO Chris Iacovella said. “We appreciate Ranking Member Toomey and members of the Committee for incorporating several ASA priorities into the JOBS ACT 4.0 and look forward to being a helpful partner throughout the legislative process.”

Following a request from Senator Toomey, last March ASA recommended several legislative proposals to help American small businesses access the capital they need to grow and create jobs.

The key elements of ASA’s small business capital formation proposals include:

  • Improve research coverage for pre-IPO and small public companies

  • Advance secondary market trading reforms

  • Scale regulatory requirements for small issuers

  • Increase transparency in short sales

  • Avoid unnecessary loopholes to registration that lead to investor harm


ASA’s regional financial services companies work in communities across the country to create jobs, grow the economy, and increase prosperity for all Americans. The ASA exclusively represents the capital market and private client interests of its members and seeks to promote free market principles making it easier to access financial advice and capital. ASA members help Americans save for retirement, provide Main Street businesses with capital to grow, and advise hardworking Americans how to create and preserve wealth. For the latest updates follow @AmerSecurities and learn more at


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