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Main Street, not Wall Street.

Given a level playing field, our members are more than capable of financing the growth and prosperity of America’s businesses and the infrastructure needs of her cities, towns, and states.


The American Securities Association (ASA) is the only trade association that exclusively represents the wealth management and capital markets interests of regional financial services firms.


ASA members are small and regional financial services companies who advise hardworking and retired Americans how to create and preserve wealth, provide Main Street businesses with access to capital and advisory services, raise capital for schools, hospitals, cities and states and work with institutional investors to increase investment returns. In short, we are at the core of job creation, wealth preservation, and increasing prosperity.


The ASA provides representation, a leadership platform, and a voice for regional financial services companies, their clients, and their chief executives. Through direct advocacy, strategic communications, and grassroots political outreach, the ASA advances the business, market, regulatory, and legislative issues of unique interest to our members in Washington D.C.


The organization works tirelessly with its members, regulators, and policymakers to promote financial independence and create economic opportunity. The ASA board shapes and promotes the ASA advocacy agenda by identifying regulatory and compliance concerns, and developing issue specific white papers intended to directly benefit ASA member firms, their clients, and investors.


Our mission is to promote investor trust and confidence and to help small businesses access the U.S. capital markets to grow and create jobs.

We believe that fair, efficient, and competitively balanced capital markets are necessary to protect investors, create financial independence, stimulate job creation, and increase prosperity.

We will zealously oppose one-size-fits-all undifferentiated regulations that disproportionately impact regional financial services firms, small businesses, and retail investors.

We Promote Investor 

Trust & Confidence


  • The long-term financial well-being of the investor supersedes all else;

  • The best interests of the investor will be placed ahead of those of the firm and its employees;

  • Investment products will be suitable for investors;

  • Investors will be charged no more than reasonable compensation

  • Investors will not be confused about the role of their investment professional

  • Investors and retirees must have choice;

  • Investors must have all of the information necessary to make informed decisions;

  • Investment professionals will consider a product or strategy’s investment objectives, characteristics, liquidity, risks and potential benefits, volatility and likely performance in a variety of market and economic conditions when making a recommendation to an investor;

  • Investors must not be prevented from communicating with their investment professional; and

  • Investor information will be protected and safeguarded.

We Finance the Growth & Prosperity of America

Capital markets are the lifeblood of America’s economic and wealth creation. We believe in competitive, efficient financial markets and fair dealing for all, that is how our membership does business. Our members are headquartered and operate in geographically diverse regions of the United States and we tend to be smaller in asset size than Wall Street firms. We assert that, given a level playing field, our members are more than capable of financing the growth and prosperity of America’s businesses and the infrastructure needs of her cities, towns, and states. Members of the ASA take great pride in providing financial advice and capital to Main Street businesses and savers. We partner with our clients and communities to help them grow, achieve financial independence, and enjoy new levels of prosperity.

Our members are eager to compete with any firm, large, or small, on a level playing field. Our members did not create the financial crisis, nor do we pose systemic risk to U.S. markets or the American economy. We will always seek differentiated regulation which appropriately considers a financial firm’s size, business model, and economic risk.

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Thanks for standing with America's Main Street investors!

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